Intro to Tantra 30 Day Course

This is the way to a lit life. Join the growing tribe that are now practitioners of Tantra adding radiance to all parts of their life and clearing away blockages. When nothing else works or just seems too basic for you then Enter Solo Tantra.

We go through the 9 B’s. A nine lesson course with video and audio of 2+ hours covers the main aspects of Tantra in a modern format.

Mantras- to meditation- to yoga- to Tantric orgasm No Fap.

One year Q&A

Pricing can be discounted for certain countries


Online Solo Tantra Certificate Course

This is a broad study of Tantra with video, audio, and articles. Grow physically, spiritually and be more radiant. Create a disciplined Tantra schedule.

Devote time to your practice not learning how to run a Tantric sexual massage business like other schools.

We focus on you.

This is course is traditional Tantra with a sprinkling of sexual practices.

The more advanced material is released with student’s progression every week. Stay on pace using this.

After month two completion, additional exercises are given based on what they need or the direction they are going.


Course does not include 1-on-1 video coaching

Email coaching of questions is included


On Sale for Social Distancing $49

Women's Yoni Egg Course

12+ Video Exercises

Healing crystal eggsercises


Non-jade and yoga PC-muscle exercises


Learning Tantra normally means:

1. Months in India

I am sure you would LOVE to visit India. However, perhaps you want to try Tantra at home first to build intuition before finding an Indian teacher.


2. Learning solely from books

Books easily found are solely on sexual Neo Tantra or only philosophy. Books have no timeline to stick to unlike online courses.

3. Getting scammed by people claiming to teach “Authentic Tantra”

They only teach a few real Tantra practices and can energetically harm. This is all a set back to learning. Sexual assault or coercion is normally apart of this even from women-led courses. 


With Solo Tantra:

Start today on your laptop or phone

Do practices in private when you feel ready

Learn diverse practices from several schools

Get any questions answered by email or live video

Learn to attract a practice partner ❤️

Later, join retreats with students where you can practice partner practices in an educated, fun space! Or get referrals for reputable workshop leaders.


Effects of Tantra can be felt without a teacher present. Through connection to spirit, you are your greatest healer and guide. 

I hope to see you in the course. I believe Tantra helps everyone feel healthy and stress-free. That makes the world a better place and Mother Earth healthier.