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Solo Tantra is for everyone not just singles.

Practice alone is where the foundation begins and is the only way to understand inner foundation for partner practices.

Do you want to learn the ancient wisdom of Tantra to uncover ecstatic bliss and high energy radiance?


Do you want lasting peace even during chaos?

Do you want to attract a partner this year for the deepest connection and the most explosive hours long sex?

Then you can learn that here.


 You can begin learning and experiencing today exactly what Tantra practices are with online learning with no partner needed and no religion.

The coaching and courses here attempt to stay authentic to training received in India and shy away from patriarchal entanglements or new age trends and copy-and-paste modalities.

Whether you’re at home, in the car, or in your bed, plug into our tantra course and be immersed in the wealth of ancient knowledge available at your fingertips. With a schedule to stay on track, you are guided to progress, level up, and sustain. Guidance for your personal journey/body/mind is given because you are unique.




Power, ecstacy, peace, radiance, purpose, and sacred life can be yours with solo Tantra practice and healing.

Debra Wilder focuses on Tantra for solo students to honor the individual path to awakening. From there, she offers partner practices. She has de-mystified the ancient secrets of Tantra and removed the male-dominated ideas of modern Indian texts to get to the truth of the practices of Tantra.

You will learn actual practices to do daily.

They will have a huge impact on your energetic body and MAGIC.

And many go on to meet their perfect partner that year.

empowerment, radiance, and magic

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