Online Tantra Course for Singles

Complete Tantra Studies

Online Tantra Course for Singles or Solo


The online tantra courses and certificate program here attempt to stay authentic to training received in India and shy away from misappropriated Western trends

while still applying modern needs


The versatility of our courses can be enjoyed everywhere you go. Whether you’re at home, in the car, or in your bed, plug into our tantra course and be immersed in the wealth of ancient knowledge available at your fingertips. With a schedule to stay on track, you are supported to make fast progress.


Some changes or add-ons have been made to ancient knowledge seeing women are now allowed to leave home and have freedom of their own body. The stress of modern life from technology and pace changes our meditations and yoga needs as well.


Debra Wilder focuses strictly on Tantra courses for singles or solo students to honor the individual path to awakening.

Grow yourself.


Master energy movement.

& Finally, add a partner when you can show you know what you are doing… and with the right person.

all courses are open year round so no one is held off from getting the benefits of practice