A vision board is a great tool for manifesting ALL of what you want



It is not just about manifesting luxury cars. Many singles want to find the right partner and use a vision board for this. I love to add images of healthy food, healthy body, nature, travel, and a quiet home for meditation.


I have created a printable PDF that can be printed here or downloaded to edit:

My Vision Board 8×10

This comes from a course on Goal-Setting and Law of Attraction. I love putting this vision board above my desk where I can look at it to visualize and focus on what I want. Not only will it manifest, but it will focus your mind on staying on task of your goals.


You can use a Vision Board by:

1. Dropping in photos in an editing program and printing out your completed board.

2. Printing out photos and then taping them on the board.

3. Printing your board and then writing and drawing what you desire.

4. Find print magazines to cut out photos of what you want (old school way).


I hope you enjoy this tool. You can also find print shops to order a completed vision board should you not have a printer or you want a polished look.