What is Tantra?

The biggest takeaway here will be that you must do Tantra to understand what it is not read about it.

Many people get hung up on the meaning or use of certain words when defining Tantra. These are people that wish to consciously or subconsciously block others or themselves from the bliss of Tantra. Someone that feels the need to define Tantra right away has not ever done it. I see this is people that comment on my YouTube videos needing to tell me what Tantra is without watching the video. They may love the idea of Tantra but not enough to do a practice.

From Wikipedia:

the term tantra, in the Indian traditions, also means any systematic broadly applicable “text, theory, system, method, instrument, technique or practice”.

Tantra requires doing practices. It is a way of being, a constant bliss state.

It does not mean sex at all. People in India are dumbfounded when they hear that Americans and Europeans think it means tantric sex.

It can be added to any part of life. You can make anything Tantric.

Is adding Tantra to sex or self-pleasure amazing and unique? Yes, but it makes all parts of a person’s life better… with regular practices. 

It is about a constant state of feeling bliss and doing practices that maintain that. The ability to be in touch with feeling energy happens.

In the beginning, just think about it as technical practices and exercises. Then, the understanding will come.

Solo Tantra is practicing alone without a partner. This is how we should begin before trying to feel energy with a partner. You want to be at your best or your partner will feel it. We become very very intuitive doing Tantra with a partner.

Yoga is a part of Tantra; however, that does not make yoga teachers also Tantra teachers. Their teaching of it can be confusing even though I find it is helpful in general. Find a real Tantra teacher that works for you.

Try some meditations or exercises and see if Tantra practice is for you. There is a type of meditation for everyone with guidance.


This was only a brief explanation because I do not believe in distracting.

Please try practices and you will be 1/1000 that move beyond reading or talking about it.

Check out my Solo Tantra courses on this site, on Udemy, or my 100+ YouTube videos with some full practices. I do not have any books. All of my written material comes with video practice.

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