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Debra Wilder, certified Tantra teacher of 11 years

#1 Top Tantra Course

I am happy to say that our Solo Tantra course is the top Tantra course on Udemy. It is the beginner course that covers all the main segment practices of Tantra to prepare for advancing practice. Being a top course on Udemy self-development is not only good for me as the teacher, but for people looking for easy access to learn Tantra knowledge or who would not have found the practice without search suggestion. Udemy is the top online course platforms (and my favorite one). They do have more students interested in tech courses such as Keynote, design, web development, and data science… however, these students explore the website to find courses on Tantra and meditation. That means more friends for you to discuss with and more people at partner workshops across the world.


It took several thousand years for meditation to become accepted and commonplace in just the last few years.

Eventually, Tantra meditation will lose the misconceptions and Western distortions to then be known for the traditional practices.


It is exciting for current Tantrikas (students of Tantra) because having Tantra courses be popular on Udemy means that you will find more people you know doing the practices or at least knowing what Tantra really is. I hear from many students that they hope to find a spouse connected to the Tantric path and friends to discuss with. The more students that come to Tantra other than through books, the more people there will be practicing Tantra.


Finding a community is important with Tantra. That can be started with online courses through community Q&A boards and organized workshops.


Udemy no longer allows Tantric sex courses which means that only a more authentic offering is available from teachers. I am happy about them removing Tantric sex courses. Sex education is important and Tantric couple’s activities can be spiritual. Having it combined in a Tantra course on Udemy was not represented well and could not be done in a non-gender-biased way on that platform. I hope to see more people come to the practices who did not before because they found it not friendly towards LGBTQ+ people and gender-biased at times.

Coupon codes and sales


2021 is a great year to get in more online courses whether self-development or for your career. I have taken many great courses to learn new skills.

Watch for holiday sales on Udemy courses which happen every few weeks. I stock up then. You can find coupons for some courses below.

My Coupon Codes for Udemy: Intro to Solo Tantra

Master Goal-Setting using Meditation with this course.


Thanks to everyone that helped make my first Tantra course #1 on Udemy. I will have a new Meditations of Tantra course on there soon.

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