Intro to Solo Tantra 


The 9 Main Segments of Solo Tantra

Is Tantra right for you? Get started with this nine section program that you can spread over 30 days. 30 days of Tantra practice allows for it to become more of a habit to add Tantra to your daily or weekly schedule.

This course gives you a great foundation of Tantra exercises. This course is beyond philosophy or New Age Tantric sex. You will finish with a well-rounded base of exercises to practice from. 

Each of 9 lesson comes with 1-3 videos and under a minute of text to read. 

1) Bliss: guided meditation to initiate

2) Begin: meditation and mudra

3) Base: mula bandha specific for Tantra + PC muscle

4) Body: yoga asana

5) Breathe: pranayama

6) Behold: seeing practice

7) Balance: prana and chakras

8) Bate: Tantric self-pleasure and energy movement

9) Blessed: mantra

Key exercises: Meditation, yantra, mantra, mudra, multi-orgamsic tantric sexual solo practice, gazing, breathing exercises, yoga asanas, energy balance, chakra sound healing, self-initiation meditation, and more. It is discussed how to prepare to do these with a lover once you can perform alone.

Some lessons offer Bonus videos for extra practice (e.g yoga asana lesson).

The sections were created to be an Intro to Tantra with a range of exercises while not being overwhelmed. Do one or multiple sections each day. After completed, decide if you desire to continue Tantra online or seek out workshops… or even to skip Tantra all together for another path of study.


This lesson plan was developed from my experience of being a Tantra teacher for 10+ years along with hearing what has helped my hundreds of students the most.


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