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  Welcome to the Solo Tantra monthly course


I am here to assist with your Tantra path.

That includes helping you stay accountable.

Month 3 (final lessons) are based upon each student, so information will be needed for that along the way and at the end. Everyone comes to the course for different reasons.

If I do not hear from someone then I assume they decided Tantra was not for them.

Updates for all students:

September 2021: I have decided to add text messaging for questions or assistance. I will respond myself. Many students are not good with email anymore since we are all overwhelmed with emails nowadays. You can email or text. Text is great for short questions. Normally, I will respond 7am-8pm. Text anytime though. +1-407-704-9099  EST (Florida) What's App is preferred over cell. I will text back or record an audio message if long. Feel free to connect about accountability.


New students:

Scheduling your calls included in the course: Please email me

for your free email coaching

or last month's lessons specific to you.

I have one-on-one practices not included in the course specific for you.


Students, coming from Intro to Solo Tantra. Some of the practices of the first month you will have done in Intro. Be sure to view all lessons in the course. Always email me to allow you the best experience.

Have you not done the Intro course? You can add it to your dashboard for free since it is included with this course's purchase:

While most lessons are covered here. It is an easier format to begin Tantra with, and there are a few extra beginner lessons. Not mandatory though.



Course Information

Estimated Time: 3 months to one year

One payment


This is 3+ months of learning with lifetime access.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3 and/or 4

Lessons for Women: Jade egg

Lessons for Men

Cleansing & Detox

Month 2 Week 1

Month 2 Week 2

Month 2 Week 3

Month 2 Week 4

Month 3- Deeper Studies

*Lessons other teachers

*BONUS: Love Outside Self