3 Month Tantra Course Program with certificate

Coming back 2023

Online Tantra Course- Singles or Solo

Married or Dating


Email coaching up to 2 hours included

Text message questions answered over What’s App (with limits)

Choose text or email or combo


Begin today without delay for $333 entire course


Progress discussions included


+ a FREE video or audio call for the final month’s practices made for you

because Tantra is not cookie cutter




What you get in the course:


  • The course includes dozens of daily lessons over 3 months (or longer)
  • Do your daily practice with a lesson OR spread out lessons with weekly time available
  • Achievements are sent out to encourage students (the calls help too)
  • Lessons are video, audio, or written
  • New lessons are added occasionally with student questions or changing world
  • Receive up to 3 hours support sessions with Debra plus video/audio call plus text/What’s App (limits)
  • Or email support for Tantra questions should you want to skip video coaching (many do bimonthly calls)
  • All lessons can be repeated (encouraged)
  • Some lessons can be skipped until you feel ready to go back to perform them
  • We start with beginner lessons that set the stage for deeper energy practices
  • Lessons are on a WIDE subject variety that all fall under SoloTantra. They create a base.
  • You always have the coaching call and email to learn more SPECIFIC TO YOU.


This course is designed for everyone yet allows for each person needs


Tantra would take lifetimes to learn all of the practices.


Don’t despair- The benefits are immediate!


Only 1.5 % of the Sutras of yoga are dedicated to yoga asana (poses). Do you not want to dive deep into the other 98.5% of yoga?


Tantra is like a college degree worth of knowledge… without the student loans.


A daily and weekly layout keeps you consistent and motivated! Practice must be frequent to excel with Tantra!




Students have the option of taking an exam to receive a Level 1 certificate. This is impressive in that it means you had the tenacity to study from home learning around 100 practices, and then interview after the course work completion. There are few Tantra or yoga certificates which offer an exam as proof.


Sign up for the Level 1 program to learn and experience:


  • Connection to your spirit. Yoga= union with body and spirit.
  • Get fitter and healthier
  • Have a deeper breathing capacity
  • Be more flexible and energized
  • Suggestions to enhance your sexual experience
  • Learn how to use chi or prana for self-healing
  • Learn how to read others better to better help them and have the best relationships
  • Experience orgasms while fully clothed- just from energy!
  • Learn how to experience longer and more intense orgasms and sex
  • Remove hang-ups from thoughts around sex
  • Learn to see what others hang-ups are with sex- even when they have no idea of them
  • Connect deeper to your partner and self
  • Learn special meditation for creating, manifesting, and intention
  • Learn how to deal with anxiety even when in public unsafe locations
  • Do chakra healing work- learn how to know which is unbalanced and why
  • Gain a better understanding of yoga asana and why we practice yoga
  • See where to use self-responsibility of life rather than blaming others
  • Get a better understanding of how your own spiritual, religious, non-spiritual life works for you
  • Learn the next big thing Tantra! Do not be left out while everyone else is talking about it

  • We do add in a 2nd teacher to help give a different perspective and wisdom on some things



Level 1 Tantra Certificate gives you the personal knowledge to have a Tantric life.


Connect with others that have a similar path for deep, fulfilling friendships.


Invites to future retreats with other graduates


Level 1 takes a minimum of 3 months practice. Most people will require 6 months of time.


An exam and interview are given after course completion review.



This is about real Tantra not massage or sex work. There are endless other schools for learning Tantra massage/sex work.


This program focuses on your own growth, healing & energy.






Things that Debra can not help with in Tantra:



1. A deep need to be a victim or think everything is wrong. You must make the decision to not be a victim. Men and women both choose reasons to stay in pain rather than grow. Suffering can be an addiction. One must decide to not want to be a victim. There are exercises in the course that assist in writing that out but you must decide.


2. Instant awakening results. If you have hopped from one method to the next without much results then Tantra might not be your explosive results either. However, if you are willing to take time as laid out and repeat practices then you will probably be more pleased with results than any other modality you have done.


3. Helping renew a marriage that is strictly friendship. Both parties must agree to renewing. Doing solo practices can help draw a partner back in, but outside therapy work must be done if problems have persisted for years.


4. I will not assist in helping married people date new people interested in Tantra or find Tantra partners. That is a discussion to have with your spouse first not think you have an unspoken polyamorous agreement. 






Even if you do not want to receive a certificate this program is for you. Blissful practice is the best reward.


Learn from Debra, a teacher that has been practicing for over 10 years. Regular practice. Not like when some teachers say that they have been doing yoga 10 years, but it is only 1 class per year for years before they decided they liked it.




To be happy, blissful, and at peace in life.


To have more meaning in life.


To live more purposely.


To have more fun!!!


To be fit, healthy, and have the body shape perfect for you.


To reach higher states of orgasm & learn how to not deplete sexual energy.



Try Tantra! It does not hurt you to try. You may not love everything about it, but I promise you that everyone finds exercises that change their life.


I remember when I first found meditation before Tantra. I was just a slightly normal slightly weird girl working past midnight every night for non-profits. Yes, I was trying to make the world a better place but on the inside shit was kind of boring and unjoyful. I was on all kinds of anti-acid pills to fight the stress of working long stressful hours. It would have probably killed me one day. Going to bars on the weekends felt like a job. I was not into the partying, but I wanted to have fun. I knew there was something more to life. I actually thought I was happy!!! Now, I see I was so busy that I did not see life was mostly lame in my early 20’s. With meditation (and Tantra) I found a community, joy, and better health. Just being myself helped the world more than 100 hour work weeks at nonprofits. Teaching yoga is far less stressful too. Once I got a taste of practices that I enjoyed and worked for me, I never looked back. I do know there is something for everyone. It can just take that one thing that changes everything… even if you think life is perfect. ~Debra


I really can not explain all of the benefits of the practices. You just have to try for yourself… or find thoughts online from others that love Tantra.


One more thing: the course is totally dependent upon your willingness to share thoughts about your Tantra practice, so that Debra can help guide you. Some intuition is used, but only so much comes over email…




Give Tantra a try! Do this for yourself! 

Remember that energy practices do take daily work to feel and have results. The best is start start with frequent practice to get the most “results”.


$900 with coaching




Get personalized feedback and support

Be given guidance and exercises directly related to your specific journey, struggles, hopes and dreams from Debra herself. Ask anything.

Connect to others

Few have studied Tantra. Completing the practices in a solo program will open you up to connecting with others leading a Tantric life.