It is possible to find massage that can be done by someone with real Tantra training. This can be deeply beneficial. It can also be deeply harming energetically or sexually if done without real training and skill by people with motives. They can be a man or woman. Neither sex is solely to blame in harming people with poor technique or rape in a “Tantra session”. Many of these people train others to do massage for work, so more are on the rise.

But as I said there are some people offering deeply healing and beneficial work.

A note on “Tantra Massage” providers:  There are many people out there that do massage that they call it Tantra massage that is nothing but penis or yoni oil massage with zero Tantra knowledge given or Tantric energy healing abilities. If they offer this sexual massage that is the first sign that they most likely do not teach real Tantra. Yes, it is possible to find some real teachers offering massage or bodywork.

Women: Be cautious especially of men that offer tantra massage because there are hundreds of stories of women being forced into sex with them during the massage. These are men that come from Tantra “schools” with rapport from the head trainers.

Men: I have had a few male clients with trauma or discouragement around learning Tantra or receiving healing because they were surprised into sex with the therapist hopping on top of their penis while on the massage table (even married men). I have heard numerous stories of lingham massage with no Tantra teachings in the session that was a let down for the men. Men can always learn to be mult-orgasmic or non-ejaculation without a sex coach being hands-on.

There are legitimate massage therapists and even sexual surrogates for the few people that need this type of work (however let’s discuss this). Also, there are Tantra teachers trained in excellent Kundalini massage or energy healing. I can help you find a legitimate healer if needed. Trust yourself: When speaking with therapists and teachers remember this- do not listen to what they say about how great their work is but what their energy says and your intuition says right away. The same goes for referrals- trust your gut over a friend loving a Tantra massage person. The nicest people can fall for cult leaders. I have learned the lesson of changing my first instinct because Tantra teachers and healers because they talked a good game and had many reviews.

People should first attempt to self heal with self-massage, meditations, self-energy bodywork, herbs, and psychotherapy. This entire course is apart of the process. Women: doing yoni crystal egg healing is another sexual healing option.

For group massage workshops, I can suggest Ipsalu Tantra International (Nayano is wonderful). They have strict guidelines to stick to in the workshops. Most massage is woman/man so keep that in mind. They require doing real Tantra exercises each day before any student practices on you.