The Women’s Jade Egg/ Yoni Egg exercises are not a requirement for this Tantra course. They are just an optional add-on for healing. They are a Taoist practice and self-care practice rather than being Tantra. They do offer great healing, increased energy, and increased sexual feelings.

Please let me know if you want the course and I will give free access.

Some exercises is the lessons do not require an egg. They can also be done without inserting the egg- only external- if that is what works for you.


Cautions in Practicing the Jade Egg Exercises

  1. Do not use the egg if your vagina is sore from sex or you have a STD or infection.
  2. Clean the egg before the first use by soaking. Also, clean the bag or box it will be stored. Many people’s germs have touched the egg in the factory. Soak in salt water, iodine, vinegar water, or tea tree water. Some will boil theirs but I do not do this for my stone.
  3. Clean the stone after use by washing or wiping with a solution. Make sure any soap is completely rinsed. Soap is bad for the vagina and vulva.
  4. You must be somewhat aroused before inserting the egg. If you produce very little fluid naturally,
    use a lubricant such as coconut oil or natural lube. A self breast massage helps arousal greatly.
  5. If your vagina is very tight use a tiny egg and start slowly. A small finger can work in place of the egg until tension lessons and your egg fits.
  6. Do not panic if the string breaks or gets lost. The vagina is 3-5 inches long (when not turned on) and closed off by the cervix. Relax and pull it out using a finger. You can also squat and cough. It will fall out then.
  7. Do not use the egg when pregnant. It is too much energy and pressure on the baby.
  8. Do not overdo exercises or vagina lifts with weight. Listen to your body.
  9. Do not have sex with the egg in as it could cause harm from excessive force in the small space. Larger ben wa balls are sold for that purpose.
  10. Do not let your lover put pressure on you about using your egg more.

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