The egg should cleaned before the first use really well. You will also need to clean it after each use. Cleaning means sterilizing or killing bacteria. There are gyno websites that describe ways to clean eggs and toys. I use soap and water with tea tree oil or vinegar.

I am not an expert of the energy of stone in regards to any essential oil hurting the energetic properties. As far as I know they do not when briefly wiped and rinsed.

The first time you should boil water and then soak the egg in it (do not boil egg or it can crack). Moving the string around is good to help clean out particles of stone or bacteria before the first use. Rinse afterwards. To the water you can add vinegar or salt.

Never use chemical anti-bacterial soap because it can stick to the egg and cause vaginal issues like yeast infections.

In the future, clean with any of the following:

Soap and water

Hot salt water


A drop of tea tree oil in water

Any EO’s that you are educated on that kill bacteria and not harm the delicate vagina

Toy cleaner

Always rinse with water after the oils!

Energetic cleansing for anyone interested:

You should do energetic cleansing before the first use and whenever you feel it is needed. I personally like to not clean the energy from the stone often. Water is an energy cleaner anyway. Sometimes I put it in the moonlight or sunlight for a day if I feel it is off. I have done much energetic clearing of my body before, so some women may feel they need to do energetic clearing of the stone more often. If someone else picks up my stone then I would want to cleanse it.

Burning sage, incense, salt water soaks, putting in moon or sun light, and putting in soil are ways to clear energy. Salt water cleansing does both energetically cleaning and cleaning off of bacteria. For anyone especially sensitive to bacteria of getting yeast issues, use boiling salt water. There are other options that can be found on crystal websites for cleaning energetically. I feel keeping on my altar is great as well.

If anything is confusing then send me an email or read gyno or crystal websites. I have never heard of anyone having a problem as long as the egg is clean and the stone is uncracked.

This video summarizes the information: