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Let’s Begin

You will want to purchase a yoni egg if you do not already own one. You can do the basic vagina exercises without one.

 Celibate women may not want to use an egg internally and that is okay. The egg can be used externally for the healing crystal energy not just inside.


Yoni eggs and jade eggs are the same thing when shopping. Jade is the type of stone. However, some jade eggs will be made of other crystals not jade.

Yoni: is the entire inner and outer area. It is not just vagina. The vagina, labia, and clitoris all make up the yoni. Some prefer to call it pussy. We can also do healing of the womb and ovaries during our yoni practices.


Safety Concerns

Do not believe anything you read about yoni egg practice being unsafe. As long as you clean them correctly each time with something you are not allergic to then no bacteria problems can happen. (Sunlight or smudging does not cleaning off bacteria. Read more about cleaning in the next lesson) People make up these stories about eggs being unsafe to help hold women back from being empowered and there is not enough money in yoni eggs to counter- no one ever cautions women that dirty penises can cause infection which they do very often.


My Journey with yoni eggs

Before I began doing yoni egg practices, I was skeptical about needing it even though it is in all of the Taoist books. I had tried steel ben wa balls, and I had boring results. The very first time I used the jade egg I was hooked. I immediately felt different. Nowadays, I only do practice with an egg when I feel called to. It does not have to be a frequent lifelong practice. I do vagina exercises (kegals) daily. I also do Tantric meditations that require squeezing and lifting vaginal muscles. I find soaking in a bath with a yoni egg to be relaxing and healing.


Practice is for all women

Many women say the same thing about being hooked into practice. Every woman should be doing vagina exercises often, and jade egg exercises at least occasionally. It is not just for those that have given birth wanting to get tighter or are even sexually active. Typically, women want to get tighter and have more control of the muscles. A small percentage of women need to release tension that makes them too tight for even a tampon or small penis to fit (XS/S egg are sold).

The exercises will give more qi (energy) to the yoni and entire body. The flow of sexual hormones and wetness increases. We feel more alive in the yoni.

I want to help women heal and gain confidence, so that we can have a healthier, happier world that is more balanced between the sexes. Let’s help each other end shame about our yonis that society conditioned us to think.

I break this course down in a different way. I have a lesson for each jade egg exercise. This makes it simple and it allows you to advance quicker if you desire. Then, there are lessons the supplement jade egg exercises. Then, there are lessons are around healing and letting go of tension in the pelvic area. They heal our emotional body and physical. They help build confidence along with feeling comfortable with our body. Releasing shame from childhood is something most must do- even if we do not remember what we were told about our body or touching ourselves.


How to do this course

You choose the pace. Practice for only a few minutes 2-3 times per week or do several egg practices daily. Some will want to slowly do lessons over a year or longer.


Shopping for a Yoni Egg

There are websites that only sell eggs. Amazon and Etsy have many choices that are more affordable (read the sourcing and reviews well). If you can afford to spend more then a certified egg website offers better guarantee. Rose quartz is far less than jade. I have yet to hear of fake rose quartz since it is a cheaper stone but it could be possible in the future.


Please buy a jade, rose quartz, or obsidian stone egg. Your crystal choice- as long as it has no cracks and it has a drilled hole for a string to be inserted. (If you already own an undrilled one then no worries- it can’t get lost in there.) Real jade will not break if dropped. With other stones you just must be watchful not to drop on hard floors. Jade can be fake, coated in wax, or chemical treated, so look for certified. Do not get fancy and buy other crystals that are soft and crack easily (i.e. selenite, azurite). You will have a vagina that can crack them. 

Buy a medium 1 inch size. Those vaginismus or who are very small should buy a small 3/4 inch stone or graduating size set. Those recently postpartum then you may want to start with the 1 1/2 inch egg.

For the string attached to the egg I use dental floss. Undyed string is another option. You want a string that is clean and won’t leak dye.

Good purchase options at the time of writing this


Polar Jade Nephrite Jade Egg

Rose Quartz set which I personally own

Spiral Circle Bookstore in Orlando, FL

Silicone is not preferred but anyone that is anti-mining of crystals has options