More instructions for the breathing exercise to do in your bath:

O Breath 

Do this with your yoni egg inserted if you have it an egg.

Give yourself 10 minutes for the practice.

Do this is the bathtub or lie back on your bed.

Lie with knees up and lightly apart.

Breathe through the mouth. Mouth is open like a medium O shape. Exhale out the nose with a slight hmm sound.

Continue this breath cycle

On the inhale the expand the entire pelvis like a balloon. Fully lift your lower belly. Imagine your lower back and perineum area pushing out too. The entire pelvic area fills with air.

Exhale release everything. Not pushing out, just letting go (since the egg is in there).

If the egg pops out then slip it back in.

The breath is all in your lower belly not much in the chest.

Continue this for 10 minutes or more.

Take note of how you feel afterwards. Some people release old emotions stored, traumas, or tension. Others are left with more soft sexual energy. Each time will feel different.

Repeat in the future sometime without the egg to see what happens or to just relax before yoga.