This Week:

Practice your Tantra yoga near daily, do masculine or feminine dance lessons at least once, check in with how the course is feeling for you, find a long class to practice to sweat and move energy (yoga, qi gong, or even boxing), and of course meditate every day.

Notice whether you’re doing long deep breathing in daily life or whether your breathing in anxious in daily life. 



I feel like now is a time we can all use a boost to our energetic field to look more radiant and attract good things. It will also help with the rampant loneliness being felt in the world. I will be adding in more lessons on loneliness to YouTube. Those in this course need to feel complete alone since practicing solo it is needed to feel happy alone and avoid triggers that cause the painful feeling of loneliness.

Radiance meditation also helps with getting more abundance… attracting good things.


Sorry if the cat is distracting in the beginning. This is my neighbor’s cat who wondered in. I did not have a video guy shooting this one. Caution that perhaps the radiance practice attracts friendly cats to you. It is said the Egyptians kept cats for healing because they are good at seeing energy, removing negative energy from people in healing, and liking the vibes of certain people (those that own cat nip).

I like to think that I attract good people with my radiant energetic field and hopefully keep away those that are negative people… and good cats 😉