No video for this one

This is easy to figure out without me posting graphic video of the exercise.

Vaginal weight lifting is lifting weight with your vagina. You are already doing it by just lifting and holding your egg in. The next step is more for a challenge, and is not needed. You are already strong if you have done the other lessons.

The next step is adding weight to the string while you stand.  You will have weight hanging from the string dangling while the egg is clenched inside of you. Find something light to start with. If you have the cloth bag that the egg came with then that is perfect to attach to the string to fill with weight. Add just whatever you have that is a few grams- perhaps small stones or beans.

Now, stand up while holding everything. Attempt to hold 5-30 seconds.

Next, switch out what is in the bag or tied to the string with something heavier. Call it a day after that round.

As time goes on you can increase the weight.