Day 2: Kegals

Today we explore the PC muscles located at the pelvic floor. Perhaps you have practiced some muscle work with these muscles using medical Kegals exercises or mulabhand in yoga. In yoga, we are taught to engage our anus and sometimes lower belly with these pelvic muscles. In this Tantra lesson, we will learn to separate out those other muscles to be able to just engage the pelvic floor. This is also known as perineum muscles. This is a very important movement to do daily in Tantra, but also for overall health. I will get more into that later. Tantra requires the engagement of PC muscles at times to pull up energy and lock a base to support the practice rather than be drained down. It also allows for more intense orgasms and control of them. Even if you have no interest in the spiritual or energy practices of Tantra then you can gain a tremendous amount from doing these for health and sex alone. It nearly blows my mind that everyone does not know about including pelvic floor in the their exercise program. You are guaranteed a better sex life for your entire life if you did these. I guess since 18 y.o. rarely have issues with erections or clitoral awareness that these are never taught until older ages when people go to sex therapists or doctors.

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