Intro to Tantra Course

This is Solo Tantra & beyond. Develop a good base of practices before next attempting partner practices. This course is great for singles or partnered people.

Tantra can always be done alone. Couple practices can make results more profound when done with the correct person. We teach you how to know what is right for you.

Not just beginner practices- 12+ types of practices

We cover the 9 B’s of Tantra

This course is all video with no reading material. A supplement schedule PDF is given for writing a plan of practice.

Coaching 1-on-1

This empowering coaching dives deep into specific Tantra coaching for you. Get any questions answered on anything Tantric. Be guided through finding what is true to you with Tantra, sex, and connections with others. I will hold space without judgement. Learn practices to best help you with solo Tantra practice.

Free intro call

$120 session

Online Solo Tantra Guided Course

Coming back in 2023

This is a broad study of Tantra with video, audio, reading, and Zooms.

Heal physically. Grow energetically and magically. Radiance.

Create a disciplined Tantra schedule with teacher guidance.

There is very broad studies into all aspects of ourselves and using Tantra in our lives.

Text message questions answered

Plus two monthly calls.

Yoni Massage

This healing work is done in St Pete, Florida. Debra is able to remove old energy blockages and do g-spot awakening or renewal. Time is spent on the entire yoni. She is trained in this massage as well as being from queer relationships with women. You will feel calm and safe in her presence.

Zoom sessions can teach a woman through creating her own solo practice massage or ritual.

Intro to Tantra Course

Many seek Tantra by:

1. Spending months in India after finding a teacher.

2. Trying to learn from books that do not explain any practices.

3. Going to unsafe retreat centers.

4. Wrapped up in a “Tantra massage” career path helping others instead of learning solo practices.

With Solo Tantra you can:

Master moving your energy

Get bigger orgasms- always

Learn all of Tantra’s diverse segments of practice

Get any questions answered by email or video with Debra

Learn to attract or find a healthy practice partner ❤️

Later, join retreats with students where you can practice partner exercises for even more growth and connection

You can begin today


After 13+ years of coaching, I know how profound the growth and benefits of these practices are.


Trust you have found someone to guide you safely in your studies with my courses, group courses, and 1-on-1 coaching.


I hope to see you on the Tantra path.