Online Solo Tantra Guided Course

Intermediate or Beginner. Great as your 1st course with Debra or after Intro to Solo Tantra on Udemy.

This is a broad study of Tantra with video, audio, and articles. Grow physically, spiritually, and be more radiant. Create a disciplined Tantra schedule.

Devote time to your practice not learning how to run a Tantric sexual massage business like other schools.

We focus on you.

This is course is traditional Tantra with a sprinkling of sexual practices. There is very broad studies into all aspects of ourselves.

The more advanced material is released with student’s progression every week. Stay on pace using this.

Text message questions answered (limits)

 Up to 5 hours of email coaching of questions and extra practices are included.

A free call is given for offering the final practices specific to each student.


Many students say that nothing else has changed them like starting this course.


On Sale for 2021 for $49 total

Women's Yoni Egg Course

12+ Video Exercises

Healing crystal eggsercises


Non-jade and yoga PC-muscle exercises


Learning Tantra normally means:

1. Months in India after finding a teacher


2. Trying to learn from books

I have never met anyone that learned Tantra from a book. Sadly, it only makes them more lost for years guessing how to practice… however, some books are great supplements.

3. Getting scammed or abused by people claiming to offer “Authentic Tantra”

My teaching and courses are to uplift you with honesty.


With Solo Tantra:

Start today on your laptop or phone

Do practices in private

Master moving energy

Get bigger orgasms always

Learn all of Tantra’s diverse segments of practice

Get any questions answered by email or video with Debra

Learn to attract a healthy practice partner ❤️

Later, join retreats with students where you can practice partner practices in an educated, fun space!


Effects of Tantra can be felt without a teacher present. Through connection to spirit, you are your greatest healer and guide. 

 I hope to see you in the course. After 10+ years of practice, I know these profound benefits and growth should not be put off.

Whether you begin here or with another real teacher, find a teacher to guide you personally.