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Tantra for singles

The time for self-love and meditation is happening right now.


Don’t let people make you feel bad for doing Tantra alone.

Real Tantra should start alone.

Your awakening is more important than Tantric sex bandaids.

fun times… but I call them bandaids because they don’t offer full healing and can leave sticky residue (energetic) from the partners. Get more bliss and deep heart connections with a long-term partner. First get educated on Tantra yourself.

A person does not join a band never having played guitar. First, they learn the guitar and then they join a band. Would you want someone that doesn’t know how to play guitar joining your band to hold back your progress? Tantra partner meditations and tantric sex are the same x5.


Master your energy and energy orgasms before finding a partner


Make Tantra about you


Hello There, I’m Debra

I work solely with singles or solo students. I went to India in 2008 to begin my path of teaching Tantra & yoga. I got certified in the U.S. in Neo-Tantra or pink as well. I want to help you attract a partner to perform Tantra energy practices and amazing multi-orgasms with. Before that, I want to assist you with mastering your energy and the challenging meditations. I am one of the few Tantra teachers that focuses on the solo student (beyond philosophy). I have had many Tantric relationships, dated some of the best Tantra teachers, and attended pink Tantra ceremonies doing partner practices. I have led these pujas and workshops as well. What it all comes back to is that we must first have a Tantric relationship with self and also with god/universal energy.

Otherwise, there will always be a missing piece. 

What I Offer

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