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Technical issues logging in

  1. Refresh course page
  2. Refresh cache (see how below) and consider not using cache with your browser to see most updated page.
  3. Make sure you have used the correct login and password
  4. Make sure you never go straight into a course page with link- use ‘login’ or ‘my course’ buttons or those page links. (You will need to go back to course page and then refresh this time if you attempted a lesson)
  5. Try a different browser
  6. Check your security program is not blocking (Windows only)



If you still have issues then email Debra at




FAQ: How do my students refresh their cache

This is because web browsers themselves are designed to download pages into the individual computer’s cache. As a result, users may themselves may need to clear their cache.

A fast easy way for users to do this is a forced refresh. This is done by hitting ctrl + F5 on Windows and command + R on Mac.

For more specifics of cache: