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Tantra Teacher, Meditation Teacher Trainer


Debra has taught Tantra to hundreds in-person and thousands online in courses. She has a diverse educational background to help each student on their path to bliss. She is certified in Tantra, Hatha Yoga, and Laughter Yoga after receiving her first certification in India after spending 3 months there in 2008. In the US, her Tantra certification is through Essence Tantra (2009) along with taking initiation through a lineage school of India. 

She uses intuition, given curriculum, and healing empowerment coaching in working with Tantra students.

Current home city: St. Petersburg, Florida

Proud member of Sacred Eros


You must experience it,

not listen to words,

not read about it in a book,

allow the powerful healing initiation to take place.

What about Neo Tantra?

Even though I am trained in India, I do not discredit all of Neo-Tantra’s tantric sex teachings. I just believe in not making it the only focus. I also like to stick to the core of Tantra without mixing other modalities. Ancient Tantra was the original sex magic and I am loving that this has been brought back.

What about scholarly books?

Teacher to student oral teachings over hundreds of years (plus patriarchal religions) changed what became Tantra literature and core essence. Being a woman, I can not agree with books that write women should not do yoga only housework, and a woman’s place in Tantra is only providing sex during ceremonies or sex work. There is power and magic that frightens them with the tantric woman. Debra brings back ancient Tantra that existed before religion as well as offering useful Tantric modern healing.

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The tools available create profound self-growth.

I truly want to help my students with the best practices for them.

I know the bliss that happens in advanced energy meditation and I want that for others.

Tools look like meditations, movement, ritual, personal devotion, chanting, yoga, Tantra yoga, solo sex cultivation, partner practices (future), and following of passion and purpose, and much more

just for YOU.


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