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Tantra is a way of being in life

Debra Wilder

Debra Wilder

Clinical Sexologist, Tantra Teacher, Yoga and Meditation Teacher


Debra has taught Tantra to hundreds in-person and thousands online. She has a diverse educational background to help each student on their path to bliss. She is certified in Tantra, Yoga, and Laughter Yoga after receiving her first certification in India after spending 3 months there (2008/9). In the US, her Tantra certification is through Essence Tantra (2009) along with taking initiation through a lineage school of India (2010). 

She has a Certificate in Intimacy Education from Intimacy Institute and Caffyn Jesse. This includes training in somatic sensual massage for all bodies and genders.

Current city: St. Petersburg, Florida

American Board of Sexologists Clinical Sexologist

Tantra community member of Sacred Eros

YouTube @DebraWilderMeditation



You must experience it,

not listen to words,

not read about it in a book,

allow the powerful healing initiation to take place.

What about Neo Tantra?

Even though I am trained in India, I do not discredit Neo-Tantra’s tantric sex teachings. Nor do I believe in judgement over how traditional and authentic a practice is. I just believe in not making sex the only focus. That would not even be possible because a base of the 9 B’s is needed for even beginner Tantric sex.

credentials debra wilder sexologist certificate

The tools available create profound self-growth.

I truly want to help my students with the best practices for them.

I know the bliss that happens in advanced energy meditation and I want that for others.

Tools look like meditations, movement, ritual, personal devotion, chanting, yoga, Tantra yoga, solo energy cultivation, somatic genital massage, speaking to higher self, polyamory coaching and much more.


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