Courses are lead by an LGBTQ+ woman (she/her)

that understands and welcomes all-

straight, lesbian, queer, and even celibate.

Awaken Your Sensuality


Since 2013, our courses have helped women to breathe energy into every aspect of their lives. Awaken into the next level of awareness and sensuality with these tantric courses. You’ll learn how your body is designed for divine pleasure and grow to love yourself completely, wherever you are.


Feel blissful embodiment and radiant vitality by connecting with your innermost sexual nature. Let this express outwardly as you live life with greater confidence and abundance of all kinds. Tap into the sacred art of the essence of all life by mastering tantra. Join in our community and have support in your journey in developing your highest potential.


Take control of your energy and use it for amazing healing. Fully embody your sexual energy and bring it forward to cultivate greater health, better flow, more joy, and states of bliss.

Benefits of Tantra Courses


Learn to love yourself completely and have more to give in work, school, family, and the world around you. Find the tools you need to transform your life and live with purpose and empowerment every day.

Strengthen your knowledge and cultivate a practice that affirms life and vitality.

Grow fully in relationship. Using tantra, you’ll be able to find commitment in relationship with yourself. On this path, you’ll learn skills and tools of devotion that will help you attract and keep the right partner in your life. Create a communication in your body and experience yourself wholly. You will set a foundation of respect and love that will create ripples of bliss into all aspects of your life.

Love yourself in sacred ways

Dissolve any negative emotions around sex. Embrace your body and natural ways of feeling bliss and joy. You have the power to reset your sexual system and to fill your body with cosmic sexual energy. See how you can purify your body and immerse yourself in the awesome healing light of Tantric exercises.

Sacred Play

Tap into the infinite potential of fun that tantra can give you. Learn to shake off any inhibitions and jump into a life where you can experience more joy and play. Unleash your inner creativity and start seeing the perfect joy in every moment in life. Discover new ways to play with your lover, yourself, and the world around you. Start having playtime every day, and look forward to the exciting ways that the universe can make you its best friend through the play of life.



My personal story:

I love my body and my sexuality! But that wasn’t always the case! When I was younger I believed I took too long to orgasm so I would go without. I thought it was a problem I had. I put a lid on my pleasure. Obviously, it made me less happy than I could have been and closed off.

There are men and women that will insult our body and dreams. Young women don’t know that men will insult their body to make them think NOBODY else would want them. Advertising wants us to dislike our bodies to buy their things, and religion does not want us loving sexuality. Some men will tell their partner they take too long to orgasm because they are lazy and selfish. You will never find a lesbian that tells her girlfriend she should give up on orgasm because it isn’t possible (all women can).

Put yourself first before society’s goal of finding a husband or wife. That’s the biggest reason women give me for not starting Tantra.

I did that. I found a husband first, and I waited on Tantra. After getting married, I got more serious about Tantra, and I became a more spiritual and changed person that no longer worked for my marriage. Not everyone can handle a Tantric woman. Some of us (me) discover we are too queer for men.

Embrace Your Femininity

Get to know your center of pleasure in more intimate ways. Strengthen your bond with your yoni and receive the abundance that the universe has to offer you in all forms.

See how intimately connected your inner world is with your outer world, and explore the infinite possibilities that exploring consciousness through Tantra has with your well-being.

Embrace Your Duality & Non

We all have masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves. Those are always changing and be more fluid for some people. Many practices of Tantra are to become more of a duality whether in the moment of a meditation or continuing.

In partner meditation or couples sexual time, you do not have to take on a masculine/feminine either or that many Tantra teachers only teach. You can explore as a queer or nonbinary within a safe and fun space.

This is both taught by Debra and experiential. We remove the patriarchal male literature practices to uplift all genders and sexual orientations.

Solo Tantra course is different because it is about you

Other courses are about learning to please others with Tantra massage and not asking to receive pleasure yourself (or know what that is for you)

or they teach

doing Tantra as a career before understanding and growing yourself. 

Our focus is you never a career certificate.

Increase Radiance

Find the right lover or increase your connection to current lover

Orgasm more reliably

Increase sexual sensitivity

Are you ready to feel the bliss of tantra?


Using these tools, you can have the best sex of your life. Connect on a deep level to profound pleasure and sacred ecstasy. Open up potentials in your life and see the connections in your relationships.


Tantra is a sacred practice rooted in thousands of years of wisdom. Find out why it is so highly revered and start going deeper in your practice today.


Learn from an experienced teacher. Any questions, ideas, or thoughts you have can be shared in a safe way. Having a guide on this journey will help encourage you in your practice and give you wisdom in the amazing world of tantra. Free coaching with the programs will give you insight and pointers on how to better experience your growth in Tantra. Have greater freedom, more fun, and more connection in your life with Tantra courses.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Affordable courses bring you big payoff when you study and integrate them into your life. Have the convenience and privacy of tantra courses from the comfort of home. Have access to a vast library of knowledge that you can learn and benefit from for years to come.


Sacred Learning, Anywhere

The versatility of our courses can be enjoyed everywhere. Whether you’re at home, in the car, or in your bed, plug into our tantra course and be immersed in the wealth of ancient knowledge available at your fingertips.